How Can You Tell If You Have Had a Good Interview

Job Interviews are commonly a really nerve-racking experience that no matter how much Interview preparation you do, in many instances they do not work out. It is crucial to realize that an interview has not worked out for a couple of reasons.

Firstly you don't what to get your hopes up for a role that is never going to happen because your interview did not go well. Prospects sometimes end up with a number of job offers and there have been circumstances where prospects have had contracts rejected because they were simply waiting on an unlikely offer for a company where their interview had not gone as they had expected.

Secondly its useful to recognize if an interview worked out or not so that you can improve for your future interview. Right after your interview has concluded its best practice to take a seat and write down the way your job interview went. The areas you think were good, the areas you think were poor and also the things you have understood. You should really do this as soon after your interview as possible as details of your interview are going to be saved in your temporary memory but will not necessarily remain there for long.

Top 8 Signs Your Interview Went Very Well

You're Offered a Contract -- This is about as good a sign as it is going to get.

Clear Time Frame-- If the recruiter gives you a clear time frame as to when your next job interview will be, or asks you about when you are able to start. This is normally a great indicator that a recruiter would like to take you forward. If you don't hear anything about when the contract will be made or when the next interview is going to be, typically this means that you have not been successful.

You are Shown around the Office Space or Introduced to the employees-- On the occasion that you are shown around the office space or introduced to the department then this is a great sign that your job interview has worked out. Hiring Managers do not have a great deal of time and would not lose their time showing you around unless they enjoyed you and would like you to meet other people.

You are offered a Business Card-- This is perhaps the least good sign, nevertheless its still a good sign as it means that the job interviewer is interested in you and really wants to be accessible to you for any type of follow up questions .

Interview Length -- The standard interview time is generally around Forty-Five minutes to One Hour. It really's a great indicator if your interview is much longer than this because it means that the interview both likes you and is happy to spend time clarifying all areas of the business and replying to any concerns that you have. Similarly it's a bad sign if the interview is much shorter than this. You really cannot evaluate a candidate to the point where you are happy to proceed with a job offer in twenty minutes.

Formal vs Informal Interview -- Informal interviews are where the interviewer gives their own personal information or jokes are a good sign of team binding which is a terrific sign. This means that you have both been accepted by the interviewer and will very likely fit in with the existing team. Internal hiring managers would not waste valuable time chatting with you and making you feel confortable if they were not very interested in you.

What Does the Interviewer Look Like -- Although this is not 100 % reliable all the time, an interviewers look will most likely tell you a lot concerning how your interview is going - Not so much whether they are wearing a suit or not, but what their facial expression says. Its really easy to provide that "I'm bored look" which is not a good sign. If the interviewer has focused on you and the things that you have said the whole interview with a few smiles, then very likely the interview has worked out. It's not a exact science as they could be just a great actor but just your sixth sense.

Your Referees are Called-- A recruiter is not going to waste time contacting your references if they were not interested in you. Phoning references on candidates can take a lot of time as basically you will have to interview your referee's to learn what a candidate is really like.

Figuring out whether your job interview worked out is not an accurate science, however if you sit down right after an interview and have a think about it, you should have the ability to work out whether you had a good interview or not.

Whatever you do, do not forget to prepare for your interviews, follow up after your interviews and keep interviewing. Just because you have had a great interview, were you connected well with the interviewer does not mean that you are certain to the get the job. Its not always the best candidate for a job that gets it.

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